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Daegu’s Traditional Food
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Gukil Ttarogukbap
Daegu was the only area with the habit of eating rice and soup separat ...
For over fifty years, Daegu was the only area with the habit of eating rice and soup separately as other regions have customarily mixed rice in the soup. ‘Ttaro’ means ‘separate’, and ‘gukbap’ means ‘soup and rice’ in Korean, so that ‘ttarogukbap’ as a compound word means ’rice and soup served separately’. This dish has an unrivaled after-taste that seems spicy as well as refreshing with leek and radish cooked in a soup of beef shank, and plenty of powdered red pepper and chopped garlic. It is the epitome of the unique ‘spicy and burning` taste found only in Daegu.
- Telephone : 053-253-7623
- Address : 571, Gukchaebosang-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
- Closed : Closed on Korean traditional holidays(New year day, Chuseok)
- Operation Hours : Open 24hours in everyday
- Maximum Seating Capacity : 120
- Parking Facility : Paid Parking Lot
-Ttarogukbap(large) ₩7,000
-Ttarogukbap ₩6,000
-Ttaro Guksu (noodles) ₩6,000

* The registered information may change depending on the restaurant situation. Be sure to check and visit.


Daechan Mat

“Daechan Mat” (“spicy and savory taste”) is a joint brand of Daegu cuisine. It denotes the spirit of Daegu citizens particularly including scholars, who have overcome national crises with their iron will. Their tough spirit is reflected in the flavors of the city’s dishes, which are well-known for their assertive, substantial and wonderful taste. Daegu’s dishes are filled with flavor and delight!

Daegu, a City of Taste
Daegu's 10 Best Dishes
Daegu's 10 Best Dishes
Here are the Top 10 Dishes that represent Daegu's cuisine. Daegu has its unique culinary culture with regional characteristics. Therefore, we selected a list of dishes which have been originated in this region, loved by local people since the mid-1940s, or which can be tasted only here in Daegu.
Recommended Restaurants in Daegu

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