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Napjak mandu
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Napjak mandu
Napjak mandu
: flat dumplings
Set apart by its lightness, this mandu (pot sticker) is has an incredible mild flavor. The faint taste it does have comes from putting starch noodles in the pot sticker, shaping them into crescents, boiling them in water, frying them, then sprinkling them with a kind of soy sauce that has been made only in Daegu for the last 40 years. The current custom is to eat these pot stickers with hot spices, or to mix them with tteokbokki (a boiled spicy dish with sliced rice cake, cabbage, red pepper paste, and eggs) or spicy vegetable salad. This is a new type of pot sticker made with ingredients that are based on a vegetable bun filling. It was first developed in Daegu to replace the greasy Chinese pot stickers that were served in local restaurants at the time. These pot stickers use small amounts of starch noodles, Korean leek, carrot, cabbage, and green onion.
Nammun napjak mandu 053-257-1440 28, Jungang-daero 61-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea Detail View
Miseongdang 053-255-0742 93, Myeongdeok-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea Detail View

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