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Daegu's Traditional Food
: fresh beef tartare or sliced raw bottom round steak)
This is a freshly prepared tender raw beef with a savory and spicy seasoning. During the late 1950s, this flavorful raw beef dish was developed and named "mungtigi" (meaning beef cut into thumb-sized pieces). It uses beef shank from inside the cow's thigh and rump, which is then cut into pieces. It is customarily served after being marinated in a mixture of sesame oil, garlic, and red pepper powder. Although there is a similar dish in Jeonju Province, which is beef cut into thin slices and dipped in sesame oil and salt, mungtigi is unique to Daegu, and is perfect as a side dish when drinking soju (Korean alcohol). Mungtigi is only prepared with fresh beef, so it is a great way to experience the true taste of fresh Korean beef. It has become widely popular throughout the nation as a dish served with alcohol, but you can still only get real mungtigi in Daegu.
Doosan Ilbeonji 053-763-5900 13, Suseongmot 2-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea Detail View
Nokyanggui 82-53-257-1796 439-1, Jungang-daero, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea Detail View

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Daegu, a City of Taste
Daegu's 10 Best Dishes

대구 10味 Daegu's 10 Best Dishes

Daegu's 10 Best Dishes
Here are the Top 10 Dishes that represent Daegu's cuisine. Daegu has its unique culinary culture with regional characteristics. Therefore, we selected a list of dishes which have been originated in this region, loved by local people since the mid-1940s, or which can be tasted only here in Daegu.
Daechan Mat

“Daechan Mat” (“spicy and savory taste”) is a joint brand of Daegu cuisine. It denotes the spirit of Daegu citizens particularly including scholars, who have overcome national crises with their iron will. Their tough spirit is reflected in the flavors of the city’s dishes, which are well-known for their assertive, substantial and wonderful taste. Daegu’s dishes are filled with flavor and delight!

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